Grand Canyon Colorado River

Goal: Enjoy the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Colorado River

As stated in an earlier post, we decided to stay in Camp Verde, AZ, about 2 hours south of the Grand Canyon. We stayed so far away because we did not plan early enough to stay (affordably) any closer. It was Fourth of July weekend and EVERYTHING was booked! Even campsites. My advice: If you plan on visiting one of the famous National Parks on July 4th weekend, plan ahead, like WAY ahead.

Desert View Watchtower, Grand Canyon, AZ

That said, we had an AMAZING time at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. From what I’ve read, the South Rim is a little more family-friendly than the North Rim, so this is where we decided to explore. Our first stop inside the park was the Desert View Watchtower. This was the first stop for many people entering the park from the Southeast entrance. It was quite crowded. Personally, I would recommend skipping this first stop and moving on to one of the many other lookouts along the road, just because of the number of people that were there.

I lost my tooth at the Grand Canyon!

We had a wonderful time. The visitors center is great. I think the kids learned more about geology than they’ll learn in the next few years at school. They also participated in the Junior Ranger program that you’ll find throughout the National Park system. Well worth it.

One tip that will make your stay at the Grand Canyon much easier:

Park your car and use the shuttle buses to get around. You’ll be glad you did.

No words can describe the beauty, Grand Canyon, AZ

Day 4 goal: Accomplished

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