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LA to Chi-Town Part 2: Somewhere in Middle America

Goal: Get home! Check out our Route 66 trip from the beginning here!

Our goal after leaving Utah was to spend two more nights on the road and then be home to sleep in our own beds.

What happens on the last leg of a 4,000-mile road trip.

It’s funny, because when I said spend the night on the road, I did not mean it literally. BUT, I let my husband book the campground just east of Denver for a one-night stay. He booked a campground on the side of the highway. And I do mean that literally. There was nary a mountain in sight. And all night we felt like we had set up our tent on the median in the middle of the interstate.

After an interesting night’s sleep, we packed up and were on our way.

The next night, we treated ourselves to a Hilton in Omaha, NE. Omaha is quite a happening little place with a bustling downtown area. We didn’t get to enjoy too much of it, though, because we were very tired (see campsite on the side of the highway above), so we retired early to get a good night’s sleep for the last drive day back home.

“Get me out of this car!!” Somewhere in Middle America, USA

And make it home, we certainly did. The trip was wonderful and well worth it.

Can’t wait to take another Epic Family Trip!

LA to Chi-Town Part 2 Goal: Accomplished

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