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The Women’s March Didn’t Include All Women?

How would you respond to the above?

Many of you, I’m sure, have seen the message that has been copied and shared on FB about why some women stood against the women’s march. Well, the above was a response to one of those posts.

The first thing I would say is that I was at the Women’s March in Chicago and there was no one there to police who could and couldn’t march. (It was kind of hard to police 250,000 people.) No one came up to me to ask if I was pro-choice or anti-choice. No one said that there were rules as to who could and could not march.

And as for the woman who was kicked out for wearing a Make America Great Again hat, I have to say, again, there was no one there to say who could and couldn’t march.

I guess there real problem here is a semantic one. It’s the name Women’s March. It’s supposed to include ALL women, right? Maybe it should have been called the Women’s Rights March. Then it would have been clear that those who were marching were in favor of allowing a woman to make her own choices regarding her own body.

Women who support rape were probably not welcome. Racist women, probably another no. Women who would like to take away a woman’s ability to make a choice when it comes to her own body and health, IDK. These women, however, could have marched and rallied if they wanted to. There was no one there to tell them they couldn’t.

I think maybe the women referred to in the above comment were either non-existent or, if they did try to attend, found that their belief systems didn’t really fit in with promoting the health, the well-being, or the rights of women.

How would you respond?

Please comment below.

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