Last Friday, President Trump’s administration put a gag order on the Department of the Interior, which includes the National Park Service, limiting their ability to communicate to the public through social media. This was in response to an NPS retweet comparing crowd size at Obama’s 2009 inaugural to Trump’s inaugural. See the original tweet below (the NPS retweet has been deleted and a public apology was issued):

Last night, someone at @BadlandsNPS went rogue and started tweeting out climate change facts. These tweets were subsequently deleted. Below are screenshots of the tweets that I retweeted yesterday afternoon. My retweets have disappeared as well.



This led to the formation of an unofficial NPS twitter handle @AltNatParkServ (UPTDATE: changed to @NotAltWorld), along with @BadHombreNPS and @BadIandsNPS – the L had been replaced with a capital I to create a new twitter handle. (Also, it seems @BadIandsNPS has been changed to @BadlandsNPSfans – see screen shots from last night below.)


Here are some of the tweets:

Climate change science is bad for Donald Trump. He wants to make a profit for himself and his cronies, and those pesky science facts will keep him from doing so. He’s working diligently to try to wipe climate change facts out of reach of the public, recently barring the Environmental Protection Agency from mentioning climate change on its website.

I recommend you check out the aforementioned twitter feeds before they’re taken down as well. And teach your kids about climate science!

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