Well, it’s Fashion Friday here at bethechangemom.com. And if you’re reading this, you’ve made it through the first week of Donald Trump’s presidency. Congratulations.

I know that kid fashion may seem like a trite, unimportant thing to address given the state of our nation, but it’s not. Let me tell you why.

If you’re anything like me, ever since the “pussy grabbing” incident became public, you’ve been a little more cognizant of what you wear. I, for one, have been making sure that my lady parts are adequately covered and protected more than ever.

I also have a young daughter. And it’s quite the rage for little girls to wear those comfy, yet tight fitting leggings to school these days. Well, I’ve done my best to buy an adequate number of fashionable skirts and long, drapey sweaters for her to wear over her favorite leggings so that her lady parts are adequately covered as well.

leggings skirt
Leggings with cute skirt

But the importance of fashion goes beyond that.

You are what you wear. That’s as true for kids as it is for adults. I’ve been doing my best to find empowering clothes for both my son and my daughter.

stand up speak out fashion empowerThe shirt pictured above and to the right is one of my favorites.

My daughter reads this shirt as she puts it on (I’ve heard her while standing outside her door). Saying and hearing the words “Stand up, speak out” is just empowering for anyone. She will even wear this under other clothes sometimes because she says it makes her feel powerful.

I wish I had one for myself.

She has also asked me to knit her a “kitty cat hat” like the ones that so many people were wearing at the Women’s March. All she knows about it is it means that no one (including the president) is allowed to touch her in any of her bathing suit areas (including her vagina – come on, you didn’t think I’d only use euphemisms with her did you? :-)).

pussy hat
“Pussy” hat in progress

Do you have any clothes that make you or your daughters feel empowered? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Please share.