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Opinion: The Reason Why Jon Ossoff and Archie Parnell Lost

So, why did Ossof and Parnell lose amidst all the Resistance, all the money (over $40M), all the hype? It’s quite simple, really. There is a huge disconnect in the leadership of the Democratic party.

by Scott Archer

Like most people, I have been closely watching our country slide into chaos as promised by the elected president. And like most, I am terrified at the fast pace that things are moving in the wrong direction. Terrified of the emboldened Trumpets. Terrified of the divisiveness of the Republican cesspool the electorate has gathered to serve at the pleasure of His Almighty (our current president). But tonight, in a moment of clarity, I recall the George W. Bush presidency, and the same feelings suddenly come back to me. This is not new, this is a constant cycle, almost predictable. Sure, we now have a few more insane additions, such as the whole Russia thing, but the Republican agenda has always remained the same over time. The biggest difference is that now you have a person who speaks what is on his very, very small mind, and has millions of followers who have felt suppressed for many years that he has now emboldened. Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and both Bushes have upheld the same Republican principles that they fight for today.

Historically, I have always voted Democrat, but I haven’t always been left-leaning. I was a pretty conservative Democrat. My family on both sides were from the South, Tennessee to be exact. And yes, the 2nd Amendment, ‘pull yourself up by the bootstraps,’ and ‘you should be proud to be a ‘Merican boy’, was the way I was raised. First Church of the Nazarene! Brimstone and fire! Until I started traveling. Meeting the others who don’t think that way. Those who think for themselves, seek the truth, don’t rely only on inherited beliefs. But I certainly do understand the comforts of belief for those who are easily pleased. Or, as I so affectionately call them, the ‘happy idiots’. I was one of them. But, then I grew up…

So, why did Ossof and Parnell lose amidst all the Resistance, all the money (over $40M), all the hype? It’s quite simple, really. There is a huge disconnect in the leadership of the Democratic party. They do not understand the modern democrat(ish) populace. The truth is, Bernie Sanders would have won if he was just a little more to the Right, or, deleted the word Socialism from his dialog, I’ll rant on that in another post, but he is closer to getting it right than the Democratic leadership.

A lot of people are ready for a woman president, I will include myself. But if we are being honest, Hillary was not the right woman. She, and her husband have always been tied to questionable political ethics. But our want, our need, for equality, the hope of Yes! Hell, yes! there can be a woman president suddenly, and without noticing it, got in the way of our clear thinking. I wanted my girls to see it happen so bad, that I too cheered on the less crooked of the two candidates.  We justify what we do as Democrats, just as the Republicans justify what they do. We justify what we do to suit our own agenda. Like it or not, it’s the truth.

I personally loved Obama, but he was not able to get everything done and we assumed, in our state of bliss, that things would continue to get better. He did move things in the right direction, but all the while, those who were unemployed, undereducated, but proud ‘Mericans, just weren’t getting what they needed. The middle class is quickly slipping, jobs are not coming back quick enough, and baby boomers just won’t retire to make way for a new workforce who wants to advance to the future.

The Democrats will not stand a chance if they continue in the mindset of “Vote for me, I will make Washington less corrupt” (see Archie Parnells ad), or “Vote for me, I’m not Trump.” I was at a Democratic gala here in my home town, and heard these words come out of the mouth of Representative and Deputy Chair of the Democratic Party Keith Ellison: “Whoever we vote to the ballots, no matter what our feeling toward them, we must rally around that candidate for the good of the party.” Um, wrong! I will not rally around a candidate who is the lesser evil. This is the disconnect. People are tired of that mindset. The new generation of the democrat(ish) populace do not think that way. We’re tired of it.

If the Democrats, or anyone, want to win against the Republican ills, you better be looking, and vetting, and backing a candidate that is a proven leader, has proven leadership behaviors, ethical behaviors, and a progressive (but not too progressive) mindset. While I am ready for a very, very progressive agenda, most people are not. They still have fear, and it needs to move a little at a time in a progressive direction, otherwise, it’s “feel the Bern” all over again….

Janette DeFelice, MD, MA is a writer currently focusing on how the changing environment affects our health. Her essay collection Resistance Essays from the Heartland and her new novel Delia Rising: A Ballet in Three Acts are both available now. She has also published at Be The Change Mom, ChicagoNow, and Medium.com. She holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from Chicago Medical School and a Master’s degree in Humanities from the University of Chicago, where her major essay was Hegel and Ibsen: The Evolution of Consciousness in Ibsen’s Prose Play Cycle. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Indiana University. A former professional dancer, former adjunct Humanities professor, and former lecturer in Medical Clinical Skills, as well as a mom of 9-year-old twins, she currently finds herself at a career/life crossroads at which she is trying to figure out how to use all aspects of herself (her art, her medical and scientific knowledge, her philosophical explorations, her interest in popular culture as a teaching tool, and her unique perspective) for the good of humanity.

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