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From My Little Corner of the World: Understanding Black Lives Matter

I have seen many in my extended social circle who are misunderstanding this movement.


In my last video, I talked about doing your tiny bit of good in your corner of the world. Today I want to talk about compassion. The feeling you, as a good, decent, loving human being, have for someone who is suffering, while you, thankfully, are not.

Sometimes it’s hard to have compassion. Especially if you don’t see the suffering right in front of your face… if you only see in on the news or on the internet. That suffering that you see takes on a distance from reality. Because so much of what we see is fiction, we have learned to temper our emotions, our compassion. especially if our corner of the world seems not to have too many problems.

I was reflecting on this the other day as my kids were outside playing with other neighborhood kids. They were having one of those magical, lost in their imaginations days. Just the sight of which left me with a dreamy smile on my face. I reflected on how lucky we were to be able to live this life. And how, if I wasn’t paying attention, to what was happening outside of my little corner of the world, I’d think things were pretty darn good. And that anyone with any other agenda is just trying to come and mess things up for me.

Take the Black Lives Matter movement. Many white people, including white suburban moms, feel threatened by this movement. I’ve even seen justification for not liking the BLM movement take the shape of comparing it to the KKK (as in “I don’t like the KKK and I don’t like the Black Lives Matter either”).

People are making judgments on things they don’t understand (maybe it’s time to go back and re-read “I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham). The KKK is about hating, harming, and killing black and other non-white people. The BLM movement is about NOT doing any of those things. Think about it: Black Lives Matter. They matter. That’s all. They’re not saying black lives are better than your life, or black lives are the most important thing in the world. They’re just saying they matter. And right now, black lives are being lost unnecessarily to violence of many types, including, but not limited to, police brutality. It’s time to pay attention.

In simpler terms, if my 2 children were playing outside one day, and one of them comes crying to me with blood dripping down her knee after a fall on the pavement, I’m going to pay attention. I’m going to offer support, bandages, ice packs, hugs. And if my other child comes to me and says “Hey, her knee isn’t more important than my knee. Look at my knee. I want a hug and a bandage!” I’m not going to say, “Yes, dear. Your knee is very important. How dare your sister disrupt the social order and try to get attention from me for her bloody knee. All knees matter.”


I’m going to say, “Your sister has a problem right now and I’m going to help fix it. Would you like to help also? Please go get the ice pack or give her a hug while I get the bandages.”

At this point, I feel like all I have to offer is my humanity and my perspective from my little corner of the world. I hope that those who have something in common with me—other moms living a pretty ok life, can open their minds and hearts and be brave enough to confront this reality. We really are all in this together.


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